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We support, strengthen and develop journalism in Europe

Our mission is that every journalist and news organisation benefits from an EJC programme or initiative.

The European Journalism Centre (EJC) is a non-profit foundation based in the city of Maastricht, the Netherlands. Founded in 1992, it has been working independently and successfully to support, strengthen and develop journalism in Europe.

The EJC believes that resilient, inclusive and progressive media not only delivers better journalism but also produces many forms of public benefit that make governments and societies function better and strengthen democracy. As one of the leading journalism support organisations in Europe, the EJC exists to help journalists and media to innovate and flourish. Reimagining journalism is key.


30 years of EJC

"Since 1992, the European Journalism Centre has empowered thousands of journalists to reinvent their careers, their journalism, and their newsrooms."

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  • "The EJC has been a truly transformative force for my work - through international networks with like-minded peers and memorable conferences, and as a helpful firewall enabling innovative funding initiatives."

  • "I can’t overstate how important the connections provided by EJC projects have been, yielding job roles, collaborations and opportunities for personal development."

  • "As someone who has always felt on the outside in this industry of insiders, what the EJC has given me that I prize above all else is access and community."

  • "The commitment of the EJC to bring front-and-centre innovative ideas and change-makers is unparalleled in Europe and has been, for me, a constant source of personal and professional growth."

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